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Boerrigter Physical Therapy is a general, scientific physical therapy practice with an emphasis on orthopaedic and sports therapy. Assessments and treatments are based on an holistic approach and on mobility functioning in motion chains.

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Physical Therapy

Office for General, Manual, Orthopedic Therapy, Master of Science in Physical Therapy


Rehabilitation of complaints and injuries of the Shoulder, Hand, Back, Jaw, Knee and Foot. Medical Shoulder taping, Hip and Knee Arthrosis and Pelvic complaints. We are a (GLA:D®) certified practice.

Our treatments

Range of our treatments

Physical Therapy
Shoulder Rehabilitation
Phychosomatic Physical Therapy
Information and training program (GLA:D®) for hip and knee osteoarthritis
Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (Jaw Dysfunction)
Manual Therapy
Haptonomic Treatment Techniques
Vestibular Rehabilitation (for Dizziness)
Post-operative Rehabilitation                         McKenzie Therapy                                           RSI (Cans) / work-related complaints

Information and training program
for hip and knee osteoarthritis
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Work Related Injuries
Breathing and relaxation therapy (van Dixhoorn)


Post COVID Therapy

Reflex Dystrophy (CPRS 1)

Lymphatic Drainage/Edema Therapy

Dry Needling

Sports Injuries/Runners Injuries

Physical Therapy for Musicians

Preventive and therapeutic taping


Your first appointment?

For your first appointment with your Physical Therapist bring:

  • Medium to large towel
  • Sport clothes if applicable
  • Insurance pass and valid ID with photo
  • Referral from doctor or specialist if applicable
  • Other relevant medical/health information

When you arrive, take a seat in the waiting room and then?

Working method


We value and offer personal attention, a good explanation and the needs of the patient.

Our team


Hans has been working as a Physical Therapist since 1981.

In 2003 he earned his Master of Science in Physiotherapy at the Faculty Of Movement And Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Leuven, Belgium.

Until 2007, he was the first and only Physical Therapist with a Master’s Degree in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He has done promotional research and development of the effect of stabilizing the shoulder, arm and hand, with medical taping, due to RSI complaints because of overuse of computers and mobile apparatuses. Further, he has developed his specialties treating all shoulder complaints and is a member of the EUSSER, European Society of Shoulder and Elbow Rehabilitation. 

In addition to specializing in shoulder complaints, Hans also continues to develop in other areas of physical therapy. He has completed a 'Dry Needling' course. With Dry Needling, the physical therapist inserts small needles into the muscles using a special technique, which results in a rapid and prolonged relaxation. In addition, Hans has also received his diploma for the training 'Physical therapy and rehabilitation in patients with chronic lung diseases' and he is certified to give (GLA:D)® therapy.

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What is important to us?

It is very important that our patients feel comfortable and we take all complaints seriously. We focus on our values, expertise and friendliness, we want to be a reliable partner for the patient. The quality of the treatment is very important to us, as well as openness, transparency and a personal approach. To be able to guarantee the quality, developments in the market are closely monitored and there is be continuous training for our physical therapists.