Your first appointment?

For your first appointment with your Physical Therapist bring:

  • Medium to large towel 
  • Sport clothes if applicable
  • Insurance pass and valid ID with photo
  • Referral from doctor or specialist if applicable
  • Other relevant medical/health information

When you arrive, take a seat in the waiting room. Your therapist will pick you up there for your appointment. You don’t need to check in with the office.

Your first appointment at Boerrigter Physical Therapy consists of an intake/examination and a treatment. Please note that the first treatment will take more than half an hour. During the first appointment, the Physical Therapist will assess your condition including a physical exam. During the physical examination, you may keep your undergarments on. Based on the findings the PT will make a treatment plan and discuss this with you. Depending on the therapy you receive all follow up appointments will last 20 minutes to half an hour.

During the first appointment you will also be asked whether you have previously visited a PT and/or Cesar Therapist, in the current calendar year. This may affect payment by your insurance company.

Physical Therapy

Office for General, Manual, Orthopedic Therapy, Master of Science in Physical Therapy


Rehabilitation of complaints and injuries of the Shoulder, Hand, Back, Jaw, Knee and Foot. Medical Shoulder taping, Hip and Knee Arthrosis and Pelvic complaints. We are a (GLA:D®) certified practice.


Range of our treatments

Physical Therapy
Shoulder Rehabilitation
Psychosomatic Physical Therapy
Information and training program (GLA:D®) for hip and knee osteoarthritis
Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (Jaw Dysfunction)
Manual Therapy
Haptonomic Treatment Techniques
Vestibular Rehabilitation (for Dizziness)
Post-operative Rehabilitation                      McKenzie Therapy                                      RSI (Cans) / work-related complaints 

You will find leaflets below with additional information about Manual Therapy and how it works for various specific complaints (in Dutch):

Leaflet the Manual Therapist in General

Leaflet Manual Therapy and Dizziness

Leaflet Manual Therapy and Hip Complaints

Leaflet Manual Therapy and High Back Pain

Work Related Injuries
Breathing and relaxation therapy (van Dixhoorn)


Post COVID Therapy

Reflex Dystrophy (CPRS 1)

Lymphatic Drainage/Edema Therapy

Dry Needling

Sports Injuries/Runners Injuries

Physical Therapy for Musicians

Preventive and therapeutic taping


Leaflet Manual Therapy and Headaches       Leaflet Manual Therapy and Low Back Pain

Leaflet Manual Therapy and Neck Pain

Leaflet Manual Therapy and Shoulder Pain

Treatments at home

If your doctor writes a referal for treatments at home (because you are not able to come to the practice) the PT will come to your home. The PT will keep in mind your home situation and the times that you are available for treatment. As your condition improves, the PT will discuss the possiblity of coming to the practice for treatment.


The cost of treatment depends on the type you get. The price list for the various forms of treatment can be found in the waiting room, on the board or in the information book.

Quality of treatment

We believe that quality of care is very important. The therapists at Boerrigter Physical Therapy are all registered in the Central Register of Quality for Physical Therapists. This means that our therapists meet the highest quality standards. In addition, all Physical Therapists have a University Master’s Degree of Science in Physical Therapy.

To continue to meet these requirements, our employees regularly attend various training programs to keep their knowledge up to date and to offer you the widest possible range of treatment options.

Privacy and complaints

We comply with the Personal Data Protection Act . Information can be obtained from your therapist or in the brochure rack. Of course, we always do our utmost to offer you quality care . In the unlikely event that you have a complaint with regard to the way you were treated, it is best to first discuss this with the employee in question. Information on how to proceed with your complaint can be obtained in the practice.


If you come to your appointment by car, it is possible to park in the parking spaces in the practice area (parking area: 5183). When you then pass on your license plate number to our office, we will put this information in our parking app.


If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please do this at least 24 hours in advance. There is a 75 % charge of treatment for not giving a 24 hour notice.


The cost of treatment depends on the type you get. The price list for the various forms of treatment can be found in the waiting room, on the board or in the information book.
Not all forms of treatments are covered by all health insurance companies. Depending on your insurance, your treatments can be partially covered, fully covered, or not covered at all. Check your insurance policy for your coverage. Costs that are not covered by your health insurance are your responsibility.

Telephone accessibility

You can phone the practice throughout the day. There is the possibility that we can not personally speak to you because we are in treatment. You will get the voicemail. If you clearly speak your name and leave your phone number, we will call you back as soon as possible.

Client Dossier

In accordance with the WGBO law, Boerrigter Physical Therapy must grant you access to your file if you request it. Should you also want to make changes in this file Boerrigter Physical Therapy is required to do so. You can also ask for a copy or destruction of your file at any time. Boerrigter Physical Therapy conforms to the Wgbo legislation in fulfilling these requests

Still have

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Substitution during absences
and Interns

In case of illness or absence of your own therapist, an alternative solution will be offered and discussed with you.

Occasionally interns are guided in our practice , including from the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences and Physiotherapy of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. You can choose whether or not an intern is present during your treatment.


Each individual Health Insurance Company has their own price list so they may differ from company to company. Only diagnosis’s that are on the “Chronical List” for physical therapy are applicable to declare out of the Basic Insurance. And that is only applicable after the first 20 treatments. That means that you have to use your “plus” insurance or pay privately for the first 20 treatments. After that, the treatments come out of your basic insurance. Please realize that everybody in the Netherlands has to pay their own annual deductible of minimum € 385.00, maximum € 885,00 per calendar year. Please read the fine print of your contract with your insurance company.

Would you like more information about insurances regarding physical therapy?
Visit this website:

Terms of payment
Physical Therapy treatment
€ 43,00
Physical Therapy treatment at home
€ 64,50
Physical Therapy treatment with a workplace analysis
€ 64,50
Manual Therapy treatment
€ 59,50
Manual Therapy treatment at home
€ 89,25
First treatment including intake and report
€ 75,00
Intake and report after referral
€ 75,00
Intake and report after referral at home
€ 107,25
Prolonged session for patients with complex and/or multiple complaints
€ 86,00
One-time consultation / physiotherapeutic research
€ 86,00
One-off usage of extra materials (tape, bandages etc.)
€ 25,00
No show for appoinment or appointment not canceled on time
75% of the price of the treatment