The founders of the GLA:D® visit the Netherlands!

Last week Professor Roos and MSc. Sarah Kroman, the founders of the GLA:D® research/program from Denmark, were here in the Netherlands to give a GLA:D® training. Hans came by to talk to them about the progress of the pilot. When GLA:D® was still in its early stages, Hans was on the program's preparatory committee. At the time, we were all still facing the COVID pandemic, so all communication and training had to be done online. Therefore it was fun for Hans to finally meet Professor Roos and MSc. Sarah Kroman in person. 

They had a pleasant and useful conversation in which, among other things, the good results achieved with the GLA:D® program were discussed. All in all it was a fruitful afternoon and        the future of the GLA:D® program looks promising!