The Boerrigter Physical Therapy RVS thermo bottle!

Summer is right around the corner and we are all ready to catch some rays while hiking, cycling or just laying on the beach. If these are also your plans, you don’t want to miss a Boerrigter Physical Therapy RVS thermo bottle that you can fill with delicious cold water. When you buy the thermo bottle you also support Stichting de Kunsterij!

We started selling our thermo bottles last year because we couldn’t hand out paper cups to go with our water cooler due to Covid 19. With our thermo bottle you are also able to make use of our water cooler in the waiting room. Because we didn’t want to make money of of the misery that Covid 19 brings we decided we would donate the earnings to a good cause. That good cause is Stichting de Kunsterij.

Stichting de Kunsterij’s goal is to provide their volunteers, that are at a distance from the labor market and/or society,  with the chance to evolve themselves by focusing on their talents.  De Kunsterij is a place where they can build structure into their lives and where they can grow at their own pace. The foundation organizes different (low-threshold) activities. It is also a meeting place for the volunteers as well as for people who live in the neighborhood. De Kunsterij is a stepping stone for a next phase such as work/education or other volunteer work. 

Because Stichting de Kunsterij is located in our area we can see all the good work they do with our own eyes. So with sales of the thermo bottles we don’t only want to help the environment but also help our own neighborhood. 

The bottle…

-… is being sold for 10 euros at Boerrigter Physical Therapy. You can also always pay more cause we donate a minimum of €7,50 to Stichting de Kunsterij for every bottle sold. 

-…contains 530 ml, keeps your drink warm for 5 hours and cold for 15 hours and it doesn’t leak!

Want us to reserve one for you in advance? Send us a direct message or call/mail the Boerrigter Physical Therapy office.