Dry Needling treatment now available at Boerrigter Physical Therapy!

Our physical therapists Hans and Imy have passed their Dry Needling course and that means that this new treatment method is now also available in our practice. But what exactly is Dry Needling?

Using a special technique, the physical therapist inserts small needles into the muscles, which relaxes them quickly and for a long time. Dry needling uses a dry acupuncture needle. The physical therapist therefore does not inject any liquid into the muscle.

Dry Needling works on specific points, the so-called 'trigger points'. A trigger point is a pressure sore spot in a muscle, which, in addition to local pressure pain, often also causes pain in other places in the body. The treatment is aimed at eliminating these trigger points. By targeting  these points with a needle, the muscle relaxes, which will reduce the pain in most cases.

All in all, the Dry Needling technique is a huge addition to our practice.                                               Wondering if it's something for you? Do not hesitate to contact us or to ask our physical therapists about it.