Covid-19 update

Newsletter regarding the Covid-19 virus and our practice.

As a result of the current pandemic and to prevent further spreading of the coronavirus, the vast majority of healthcare in our country has been put in a lockdown. It is gradually becoming possible for more and more healthcare providers to resume regular care, but in order to do this safely, it is important that everyone is aware of and follows our policy.

Should any of the following apply to your situation, we ask you not to come to the practice and cancel your appointment. It is however possible to arrange the appointment remotely via video calling.

  • Do you currently have corona or have you had the virus less that 2 weeks ago?
  • Do you currently have roommates with corona or  have you been in contact with someone with the virus?
  • Do you suffer from a cold, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath or fever?
  • Do you have roommates with the above complaints?

5 tips for working from home

1.     Adjust your chair

2.     Adjust the screen

3.     Align the keyboard and mouse

4.     Take microbreaks

5.     Combine relax exercises

Check the video for more detailed information.


Complain free?

If none of the above apply to you and you come to the practice for an appointment, then we ask you the following;

  • Adhere to the standard corona measures
  • Don't come earlier to your appointment than necessary and leave the practice as soon as possible after the treatment. Also, don't bring a guest, unless it is really necessary
  • Use our disinfectants upon arrivel
  • Please bring your own towels; a large bath towel and a small towel


For the safety of you and our employees, some extra hygiene measures have been taken.

  • Hands will not be shaken and our therapists work with protection, such as a mask and gloves
  • The waiting room is largely emptied and a second waiting room has been created on the first floor
  • The toilet is temporarily closed to patients. This also applies to the coffee maker
  • The treatment bench is cleaned after every appointment. Door handles, chairs etc. are also disinfected several times a day

Together we will ensure that good care can be provided withouth spreading the virus. Thank you very much and with regards, Team Boerrigter Physical Therapy